A night stroll in Hong Kong

Overview MapI had gone to Hong Kong for three days on a business trip; a repeat of what I had done earlier this year.

I decided one evening to take a walk around Hong Kong Central, snapping some photos. I’ve marked my route, and split the photos.

It was very interesting… the numbers on the photos in the slide show correspond to the relevant market on each map…

OK so off we go – if you’re still with me that is 😉


The Route: Part 1 (Photos 1-6)

Map 1

I started on Queens Road Central, just where the Central District starts and Wan Chai District ends. As you walk up a slight incline you literally leave old-style China behind with its multiculturalism of all things Asia (Japanese, Korean food places and stalls mix freely with Chinese) and enter a glittering street of skyscrapers, steel and glass.

Queens Road is the boundary line where the flat land of the bay (barely 1km deep) gives way to the sharp acclivity of areas like Soho as the city climbs to the peak of the mountains that protect it.



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The Route: Part 2 (Photos 7-12)

Map 2

…well…this was the hike up the hill. I walked up alongside the famous escalator that most sane people ride. Of note were the Belgian Green waffle cafe and some great mural artwork of floating mushrooms.

The street is mainly given over to stalls selling vegetables and fruit…





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The Route: Part 3 (Photos 13-18)

Map 3


…check out photo 17…

$480 for a pedicure?

That green tea ought to be the finest blend for that!

Well, at least the Mao figure’s a happy cherubic chappy…





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The Route: Part 4 (Photos 19-21)

Map 4

Only three photos here, the first for Canada’s Finest Jazz Vocalist to drool over – have I mentioned he’s giving a one night only Kingston town reunion with the Cleavers?


Apart from that boulangerie, there was a mighty fine French food items shop on an otherwise quiet street.


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The Route: Part 5 (Photos 22-33)

Map 5

Photo 29…

…payment by octopus? Nice

Oh…and the old Correctional Facility building shots were nice.

First bit of old building culture I had seen on the walk…which piqued my interest no end as I began a descent toward the bay again….





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The Route: Part 6 (Photos 33a-46)

Map 5

…quite a lot here. There was an orange-lit ampitheatre with people practicing some kind of gym/martial art. A few stray people sat on the semi-circular steps like a tired Greek chorus, idly plucking at their tunics; an aging stray Roman senator scratching a corpulent derriere.

A bit further along was some funky graffiti and my first sight of a cop anywhere in this city.

As you can see I was moving back into tourist/expensive shopping….



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The Route: Part 7 (Photos 47-48)

Map 7

Only two photos on this stretch but it shows the glitter of a Hong Kong Breakfast Tiffany might expect plus some shiny information about how air pollution is monitored…no doubt Audrey Hepburn would be pleased.



The Route: Part 8 (Photos 49-60)

Map 8

This is where I spotted a sign for the Old Supreme Court Building, then got there with its attached small park to find it was fenced off for renovation until at least July 2015 😦

Still…I did get to see some gurgling ponds, some clean marble line architecture, some trees, a cenotaph, the Hong Kong Club (photo 55) – I am un?reliably informed you need to drop a cool $1 million to get membership and that the British RAC club will write you a letter of introduction if you want. It’s probably got food and seats and music and…oh wait…a bit like every other club/restaurant then?

I dunno…make something restrictive and suddenly everyone will pay through the nose to step over the door jamb. Just sayin’…let’s get a little perspective.

The bamboo ready for scaffolding was fascinating (photo 60)

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The Route: Part 9 (Photos 61-65)

Map 9

Four photos here as I made my way along one the very busy “motorway” that follows the shoreline.

I was feeling a touch peckish so I saw the Marketplace supermarket. Yet despite the glut of western goodies I can’t get in Bangkok, nothing grabbed my gastronomic palate…

…but…yep, Christmas shopping is also here too early.


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The Route: Part 10 (Photos 66-67)

Map 10

Two photos on a long stretch.

Well, actually there were five but three came out blurry so I had to scrap them. Once was quite good – a fully fresco-ed building. The other two…I forget

But..that’s no matter because one of them is the best photo of the night…roll up, roll up, it’s Rambo himself selling pens.

Quite possibly the funniest thing I saw in my entire three days.

Take a look…there’s not much more I can say. Other than that, the tram was good to see. A throwback to “olden times”.



The Route: Part 11 – the final stretch (Photos 68-74)

Map 11 Well, this last bit was the final walk back along Queens Road Central (you can see the start of my journey on the map). As I walked up a dimly lit alley I saw a narrow entrance to a Thai Muay Thai boxing gym. Brought a smile to my lips.

I loved the fact there was a Chinese bistro selling “poutine”! A nod to our favourite Canadian meal there and a couple of pictures to show that amongst all the glitter some things are not quite yet gold. I enjoyed my walk – it took me just about two hours to amble, browse, photograph, watch people in fascination. Hong Kong’s strange. I am so used to being part of the 2% Westerner Bangkok population, that finding myself surrounded in a street where the percentage was pushing towards 25% made me feel a little less like a stranger in a strange land. If you go Hong Kong…take a might stroll with no destination in mind. You’ll find something to fascinate you, of that I am sure…

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Is this what diplomacy is all about?



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  1. Absolutely amazing photos! Great Post!


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