#BangkokShutdown – Day Two

Queuing for breakfast in Limphini Park

Queuing for breakfast in Limphini Park

It was delightful to awaken this morning to the sounds of birdsong – the melody and volume of which I have not heard since leaving the shores of the Sceptered Isle – and the sight on Twitter than “not much was going on”. Indeed, @RichardBarrow told us all that protestors had gone home for the night. A state of affairs that was reflected in my cycle round the Limphini Park area this morning. The blockade and people on Sathorn were vanished like a puff of smoke, the stage at the corner of Silom was empty save music being played. People were queuing for breakfast.

As yesterday the stretch of Ploenchit Road between Chidlom and Asoke was empty; traffic was crossing it, but little was traveling it. It’s an awesome time to be on a bike. At one point I was able to lie down in the middle of Rama IV and take a tarmac photo – that’s got to be a once in a lifetime opportunity (see photo below).

At the corner of Wireless and Ploenchit a policeman pulled up on his motorcycle at a gazebo “checkpoint”, waved and asked how I was doing in excellent english. I commented on the blue skies, the lack of noise, the good air quality – he smiled, nodded, agreed.

Down in Lumphini Park the tents were half full; a lot of people still snoring; some in breakfast queues. I did see a little more yellow worn round foreheads, on T-shirts today. Apart from that it was a car park; there were clusters of people arriving clutching lunch packs and sitting mats, all were chattering away on their cell phones. Now, this is not to say there are not masses of people elsewhere – there are, pictures abound of them – but down at Limphini people are more inclined to make merry rather than cause trouble…for now.

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Who knows, after the party atmosphere abates, the long-haulers will settle in and things might turn more serious. There were reports on Twitter late morning about people getting more vociferous, pushing and shoving outside the Thai Police HQ. Most of the papers have said the Shutdown hasn’t done too much so far – all of which might galvanize those with a vested political interest to try a little harder in the coming days…we shall see.

Anyway…here’s a video of this morning’s Silom/Lumphini musical offering.

I am hoping things stay as peaceful ever…it’s Isla’s first day at pre-school tomorrow – I’m trying to figure out how best to get her there given the road closures. There’s a couple of ideas but it could turn into a labyrinth…we’ll see.


Is this what diplomacy is all about?



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