2014-01-11 10.04.16Just round the corner from our apartment is a small cafe named Re-Cafe – an individual Thai coffee house with a distinctly Japanese flavour. To get to it you go through the only soi on the CIMB bank side of Soi Langsuan, twisting right, left and then jinking through a gateway on the next corner. The ‘back soi’ (as the Diplomat fondly calls it) pops out on Mahatlek Luang Alley which joins with Thanon Ratchadamri by the Peninsula Plaza (just down from the Four Seasons). If you Google Map it the layout of the soi is wholly incorrect so don’t bother 😉

Looking back towards the Langsuan entrance you’d see this:

2014-01-11 10.05.48It is right next to the new Diora spa (just past 7-11 if you are coming from Limphini Park/Sarasin Rd). They are a more upmarket spa compared to the usual glut of massage parlours – their website is here – – but it talks about Soi 22. This one on Langsuan has been open about 3 weeks.

Once you get to the end of the soi turn right – looks like this which has a very good 120Baht/haircut place on the right.  2014-01-11 10.05.08

Turn left and you’ll see the entrance on the right at the next bend. It looks like the main photo at the top.

We sauntered in early one Sunday morning on the look out for breakfast with Isla to find three patrons sipping on tea. The menu was simple – a glut of bacon and eggs, porridge, fruit, teas and some coffee. They also do luncheon sandwiches. The place doesn’t have that polished veneer of brand eateries but it possesses character in abundance. Everything seems to be a thought rather than a corporate decision. As a result you get an eclectic mix of ornament and food. If you peer carefully you can see the broken AC, the cracked paving, the odd weed. Outside is an empty bar, a ramshackle shed with two ancient cars…

20140111_094641_Richtone(HDR)….there is an area for food storage. Either side of the place loom vast skyscrapers, immediately to one side is an empty plot of untamed jungle full of rubbish, sad fences creaking in the odd breeze that might venture down the soi. A variety of buns and pastries sit happily under cake tray covers, a pot of drip coffee gurgles like a brook in one corner. The owner/assistants are very helpful, in themselves possessed of a quiet charm. It’s all very quaint, the decor and mode of serving almost English.

I managed to get a porridge with banana and raisin and, by golly, did it ever taste superb. If you’re a Scotsman with a hankering for a hot breakfast then this’ll satiate you. The eggs were perfectly poached, the sausages (unfortunately) that peculiar variety of frankfurter that passes for sausage out here. A mango smoothie was the unadulterated stuff – no sweeteners.

Stuck in a tiny corner of Bangkok that no one would venture to unless they were a local I can say this was one of the most relaxing, quiet, enjoyable breakfasts I’ve had in a long time out here. And they’ve got free wi-fi! Here are some photos – go check it out, I urge you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got a business card which tells me their website is but the site is down. However, you can get a view from their facebook page:

Oh, a word on #BangkokShutdown – so far it’s all been fairly peaceful (compared to say, Kiev right now). Of course, as we head into the second week, things are getting a little more serious as the initial surge of festive people out on the streets dwindles away to leave the more hardcore protestors.  Now it is prudent to avoid rally sites, but, on the whole, farang are largely ignored, waved through blockades, smiled at as usual. If you want trouble you can go find it. Just don’t do what a couple of unwise Aussie backpackers did – jump up into a protestor vehicle – and then wonder why things don’t don’t pan out terribly well. You can follow my tweets on the matter at @travelswithadip

Is this what diplomacy is all about?



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