Mr Jekyll, surely?

20140121_171823The Polyglot dropped by recently…well, I say dropped by, he actually made me run round Lumphini Park 3 times with him at speed (all part of my achilles/hip abductor, calf muscles rehab that a fine Thai physio is sorting for me). Afterwards he casually mentioned he was off to Hyde & Seek on Soi Ruamrudee for a lunch. I’ve been there once before and their “playful cuisine” was a mighty fine neo-British-pub-reinvention (insert fancy culinary etymology you care to from “Masterchef”) that made me nudge the Diplomat towards us paying a return visit.

Well.. return for me…about number five or six for her (Diplomatic lunches, eh?).

Off we trundled that evening to find it was “Burger Night”. There were about twelve or so burger types – I plumped for the Waldorf – Wagyu patty, brie, walnuts ; the Diplomat had a Yankee Burger – Wagyu patty, cheese, caramelized shallots & parmesan bun. Having brie and walnuts on a burger was an interesting taste sensation; not altogether pleasant, but curious. Imagine what it would be like to eat crunchy cheese in the middle of a steak. A side of variegated chips made up the repast. Oh…and lob in a couple of beers. Asahi and Carlsberg, I think.

As I expected it was very good; all bar the chips. We could have got curly fries, plain chips, or “something I forget” but we went for their tartar sauce and “assorted” option. Very disappointing. It was six thick cut chips plus a load of crisps – all sprinkled with cinnamon. I could smell it coming a mile away.

Yep, the food of Hades in my opinion – cinnamon. Apart from the fact I loathe the stuff, who covers fries/chips in it? What an odd flavour. Many’s the baristas I’ve had to leap over the counter to prevent liberally destroying a perfectly fine coffee with the evil red dust.

I like the decor of the place…it is mainland Europe – think French bistro with lots of glass, a high bar, waiters dressed smartly with aprons. Take a peek…oh, one of the photos is of a building site. Nothing to do with the eatery but a photo I really liked on our stroll home.

All in all – definitely worth a visit – especially if you’re a tourist/expat craving a burger or a taste of Europe away from Pad Thai and street food. Locate it off Ploenchit Road, between Wireless and Soi Tonson. You’ll be off to Mr Hyde’s place, but expect to find Mr Jekyll pleasantly serving fine food.

Check out the website for full details –

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Is this what diplomacy is all about?



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