Getting to Suvarnabhumi’s new cycle track



The old entrance is still viable if you arrive there by cycle, but you’ll see on your loop that it’s still under renovation construction (around the 8-9km mark of the ride)

GPS Coordinates: 13°38’55.0″N 100°44’46.5″E (13.648614, 100.746258)

Canada’s Finest Jazz Vocalist was kind enough to tell me a brand spanking new 23.5km cycle track had been opened up around Suvarnabhumi airport. The problem was a search online found lots of reports in papers (Bangkok Post, for example) about the new route but no real instructions on how to get there…


Assuming you are coming (like me) from Bangkok centre, take Expr 2/Hwy 7 tollway out to Suvarnabhumi airport. It’ll cost about 70Baht in tolls from the centre of Bangkok, but it’s worth it to avoid traffic. It’s also clearly signed.

As you drive along there are helpful kilometer countdowns for the airport. You want to go past the Bang-Na interchange so it says Suvarnabhumi is 4km to go. Just before you get to the airport exit itself (the big one that takes you into the heart of the airport, curving you past some massive billboards) take the junction about 1km before that aims for Rom Klao.

Now…a new overpass has been put in, so once you leave Expr2/Hwy7 don’t actually go left (with most of the traffic) to Rom Klao (well, you can, but you’ve then got a big wait to the lights where you turn right) but take the flyover to the right that curves over the top of the expressway and heads to the airport. It’s signed “King Keaw Rd/Air Cargo Terminal” Road 3256.

That will drop you down onto Rom Klao inside the airport. Merge to the right stay there. Do not take the left down ramp –  signposted to King Keaw – but stay right toward Suvarnabhumi airport and the AirportTerminal. The dual lane loops down and round to the left.

You will be on a large 3 lane highway that runs across the airport. A set of traffic lights is immediately on you. Go straight across (avoid the two right lanes – they are people turning into the Terminal). Go past the huge Thai Catering buildings, then the Fire & Rescue one, then the Skychefs, till you see the Public Transport buildings (all on your left). As you close in on that you’ll see some small “AOT Route 1 or Route “2” green sign post (you’re in the right place!). Just past this is the crossroad that is Suvarnabhumi Road 3 on the second set of traffic lights. You can’t miss it, it’s right next to the building with a huge AOT on it, which is also tied to the bus terminal.



Cross Suvarnabhumi Road Three to the next junction – Suvarnabhumi Road 4 – and turn left. After 50 metres you can turn right and you’ll see the new temporary entrance to the cycle track whilst engineering work is underway on the other entrance. You will need to drive past it (you cannot turn right) and then peel off left before you go over the overpass to loop back onto the other direction so you can turn left in to the parking area.

This also has access to a quick 1km loop for “beginners”. Enjoy!!


Turn right and drive 7km alongside the runway all the way to the end. (If you miss the right turn don’t worry, carry on and take the next right (which is a T junction onto Suvarnabhumi Road 4), then the next right again and then left to get back on Suvarnabhumi Road 3 – doing a square basically.)

As you drive, look left across the water – you’ll see the glittering green ribbon of the new cycle path. Your prize.

The road will curve right around the end of the runway and then try to take you over a bridge and out of the airport. Just before you go up and over turn off left under that bridge and park. You have arrived!

Likely cyclists will be there. There’s a man selling some sports drinks. Look left to the “guard hut” and you can see where you get on the cycle path. For now, I am reliably assured (and the cycle round seems to confirm this) this is the only park & access to the path. Of course you can park in plenty of other places at the airport but you’ll need to cycle to the entrance.

Enjoy the next 23.5km!

Here’s a link to a map I made and it’s also below.

The route to the cycle path

As to the ride itself..well it is flat the whole way (bar two small “hillocks” which you’ll be up and down in 3secs) and pretty open so you’re at the mercy of the wind. Cycling into a 25mph headwind for 8km is an eye-opener! However, what a great view! As you cycle you can watch airplanes take off and land. Having an Airbus 380 roar past is a whole lot of fun…try and chase it down! The surface is grippy, road bikes will notice a constant small vibration; it’s not like the smooth rides of the roads around the airport – if you want that do the usual route around (follow the perimeter road). But…given the environmental mess that is Lumphini Park right now…go here. It’s awesome to cycle at speed and not worry about cars or people.

Thanks to whoever decided to build this. The cyclists of Bangkok owe you a few beers.

Is this what diplomacy is all about?



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