Bangkok Comic Con 2014

20140704_132542_Richtone(HDR)Canada’s Finest Jazz Vocalist and I decided to hop on the back of his moped and weave through the Bangkok traffic to check out Thailand’s very first ComicCon.

It seems that we’re not the only ones, a glut of teens packed liked sardines into the Paragon elevators, some already dressed in their  free ComicCon T-shirts, some clutching cameras with tripods and zoom lenses. The website promises us that:



the first ever Bangkok Comic Con aims to transform Thailand into a hub for the international film and animation business

In reality, this was just an event hall full of booths announced by the statues of over-sized superhero models, a lot of TV screens showing various episodes, and an assortment of people dressed as various (in)famous characters. That said, it was fun to meander amongst the knowledgeable and camera-clicking crowd. A lot of the items there were pretty much those you’d see in any affiliated comic or Marvel shop. There is some way to go before this ever reaches the giddy heights of ComicCon San Diego, but at least there is a vast fan base out here in Asia to tap into.

20140704_133542_Richtone(HDR)One of the draws is a chance to sit on the Game of Thrones Iron Throne. Another is seeing the Batmobile in its awesome glory. Batman is 75 years old this year and was a centre-piece of this event.

Canada’s Finest Jazz Vocalist and I meander through crowds that, whilst busy, certainly aren’t packed in. We have superheroes posing in front of us for photos, politely offer right of way to an Alien who is being tracked by a Predator, stop by the Walking Dead (age before beauty, sir), wave happily at a chemical-suited Walter White, watch a dance show by ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’…then we head out into the permanent humidity of Bangkok to be superheroes ourselves on a moped.

It’s all rather enjoyable to be honest. On for three days only, go take a sneak peek. The 150Baht entrance fee is worth the hour or so and your comic-book kids will love it.

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Is this what diplomacy is all about?



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