A sonnet to The English Seasons


Turns out I can also put some blog poetry up. Who knew? 😉

In sweet-tempered Spring do hares leap o’er fields

Twitch nosily gainst young May, June and July

In them comes Life and all that earth can yield

As Nature beams from cerulean sky.

In sultry-hot Summer bright birds swoop, dive

Feath’ring their nests with newly turned moss

Feed warbling throats so harmonious, alive

As Nature beams down, no longer at loss.

In many-hued Autumn, the otter gleams sleek

Gliding noiselessly through clear waters now cool

Golden and brown leaves falling by our feet

As Nature beams down, never to be cruel.

Till two lines do remain to speak of cold Winter

For whom, for a period, has no need of Nature.

Kind Regards


Categories: Poetry


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