Surfing WordPress

I like to surf WordPress in moments of self-indulgent, excessive, orgiastic gluttony; drinking in the pictures, words, thoughts of a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand people who are yearning to have their solitary voice cut through the rushing, tumultuous… Read More ›

Phutthamonthon Park

30km outside Bangkok: due west down Thanon Borommoratchachonnani at an average 40km/h on a bike you’ll run smack into Phutthamonthon Park. It’s a place I discovered on a ride, an oasis of Buddhist serenity and verdant vegetation where time seems becalmed… Read More ›

Monks’ abode

The Diplomat was asleep so I placed Joshua into the Baby Bjorn carrier facing outwards – something that has previously been to the horror of our building’s “baby-know-it-all-adviser”. Conversations have occurred like: “You can’t do that! It’s bad for them… Read More ›